Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where have I been?

"Tis the Hero" challenge - Fa la la la la! It's almost Christmastime at Cards For Heros! That means it's time for a challenge!!

The challenge runs from Sept 1 - Oct 15th; note that our deadline for holiday cards is Nov 1, but early birds get the benefit of qualifying for one of our prizes! Last year we mailed 35,000 cards during Sept through Nov, how many will we get out to our heroes this year??

PRIZES! We have some stamp sets and other goodies to share - we'll be showing photos on the Homefront Blog soon!

Note: This year we'll also count non-Christmassy cards - last year we had lots of Christmas ones, but had no birthday or love cards, and a few of our contacts missed getting those! So - of course the heaviest emphasis is on holiday cards, but feel free to add in a few others too!

So, addition to wedding invites, shower invites, personal Christmas cards, I have taken on the challenge of making cards for CFH. I went through my stash and "gleaned" 40 or so cards, and have started making Christmas cards. These soldiers, men and women, put themselves on the line not only for us, but for the countries they are stationed in... DH and I have at least six friends and family who are in the military and stationed around the world. We have many other friends who have family in the military too. This just seems like a small way that I can show my appreication for these honorable, and brave soldiers.

I will post photos of some of the cards I am making soon. If you are interested in supporting CFH, please check out their website.