Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is Ethan... my almost three year old Grandson. He got a pinwheel for Easter and is fascinated with it! He is also fascinated with web cams. Web cams are our primary way of communicating with Ethan and his mom and dad as they live four hours away from us.

Two nights ago I was on the web cam with Adriane and Ethan, he was being very silly as it was past his bedtime! I had sent them a couple of photos of Grandpa catching a fish at the lake and as Ethan was looking at them; he looked straight into the web cam and said, "Nana, I come you house.".... I wanted to jump in the car and drive all the way up there and get him right then! I told him that it was too far right now, but pretty soon he could come for a visit. His eyes got so big and he got this sad, pouty look. His mom was laughing and told me, "He does this all the time now! I don't know where he got it!!"

So the next morning I talked to DH and Ethan's mom and we are working out the details for Ethan to spend a week to ten days with us the beginning part of June.... I tell ya, those big chocolate brown eyes and pouty lip will get you every time!!!

Man I love this kid!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Remember when....

This is my daughter, Adriane, at age 2 and a half. Isn't she gorgeous? I "found" this photo in a picture frame. Evidently when we would get new pictures, I would simply slide the new photo into the frame over whatever was already there....I was so surprised to find this one!

Then about two months later DH and I were going through a bunch of "stuff", and I opened an old suitcase. What was in it... a treasure!!! A treasure of memories!! Three dresses of Adriane's, including the one she is wearing in this photo!!! I was so surprised and happy.... we hauled off a truckload of stuff to the Goodwill, but not the suitcase filled with baby stuff, a suitcase of treasure, at least to me. It is still in our storage area, awaiting the possibility of a granddaughter who will one day wear the dress that her mommy wore.....