Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Camping is an activity that our family has enjoyed for many years! When our girls were small, we had tents and then we graduated to cabover campers. We now have a motorhome and most of the time DH and I feel like we're "cheating" when we go camping, but we sure love it!!

This past weekend DH and I went camping at Lake Selmac. We enjoy camping there in the spring so that DH can do some trout fishing. It was a gorgeous weekend to be there...

Lake Selmac at sunset.....
My favorite part of camping... the campfire!

Another favorite part of camping..... doing nothing except looking at the view!

This family of swans swam by our camp spot each morning for a tour around the lake. There are three babies...Lake Selmac has some great walking/biking trails. We rode our bikes around the lake one day and we walked another day.
I was playing the the macro on my camera and I love this photo that I got!

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JeanneLee said...

What a gorgeous place, must LOVE it!